Christmas Quiz

Welcome to our Christmas Cider Quiz.


1. Which Welsh Castle is this?

castle and delivery van

2. What variety is said to be the ideal Cider Apple?

boxes of apples

3. Which month was this photo taken?

orchard in blossom

4. Where did the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” originate?

map of England, Scotland and Wales

5. Approximately what weight of apples is in a 750ml bottle of craft Mulled Cider?

bottle of mulled cider

6. How much bigger (heavier) is the Tom Putt Cider Apple on the left than the Crab Apple (right)

large and small apples

7. Which major drinks process got its production method from English cider makers?

words with arrows and question marks

8. Which is this US City?

cider bottle in front of monument

9. In the first English dictionary published in 1755 the original spelling used for cider was:

front page of old dictionary

10. On which day of the year is Apple Day celebrated?

collage of times about apple pressing and cider-making