Apple Fun Quiz

Welcome to our fun Apple Trivia Quiz.


1. Where did apples originate?

World map with question mark

2. Where did the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” originate?

map of England, Scotland and Wales

3. What is the the most popular apple variety sold in the UK?

boxes of apples

4. What is Apple butter?

Label for a jar of apple butter

5. What is a Dabinett apple is used for?

apples on a tree

6. What is the Welsh for apple?

apple and Welsh flag

7. Which one of these is an eating apple?

3 types pf apple variety

8. Approximately what weight of apples is in a 750ml bottle of craft apple juice?

bottle of apple juice with apples

9. In the UK which month do most apple trees blossom?

apple blossom

10. What is the name for a book that describes apple varieties?

books about apples