Vale Cider Gift Box of Scrumpy with Tankard


Gift Box of 2 bottles of award-winning Serious Scrumpy and premium quality Vale Cider glass Tankard. 

A great gift for a cider lover – something to drink and something to keep! A very popular gift.

2 x 500ml Serious Scrumpy Vale Cider, 6.3% ABV. Premium quality engraved glass Tankard.

Suitable for vegans and those on a gluten free diet.


Our Great Taste Award-winning Serious Scrumpy is the most popular traditional cider in our Vale Cider range and is our best selling product. 

Serious Scrumpy is bursting with cider apple flavours, is lightly sparkling and is medium sweetness. It is this balance that gives it its popularity among cider drinkers and it is enjoyed by most cider drinkers. 

Comments from customers include:

     “Amazingly good”.

     “Tastes exactly as a fine traditional cider should”.

     “Wonderful. The taste takes me back to 60 years ago when I was working on the farms”.

     “I never knew cider could be so good”.

     “It ticks all my boxes”

Serious Scrumpy won a Great Taste Award in 2017 and a Bronze Medal Welsh Perry and Cider Championships 2018.

Alcohol 6.3% by volume.

Packaged in 500ml glass bottles with black crown caps. 

Shelf life when bottled is 24 months.

Our Vale Cider engraved glass tankard is the ideal glass for drinking cool, refreshing Vale Cider. It is the perfect Welsh gift for lovers of craft ciders and a great accompaniment to a few bottles of our cider!

This high quality glass tankard is laser-engraved with the Vale Cider name and logo. 

Height 13 cm, diameter at base 8cm, holds 250ml of cider.