Our Products

We make several craft products using the apples from orchards.

Traditional Ciders

We use a mixture of apple varieties in order to hand-craft a well-balanced cider that has the complexity of traditional flavours and the clean, refreshing taste that appeals to modern cider drinkers. We produce lightly sparkling Serious Scrumpy, Medium Dry and Medium Sweet traditional ciders in 500ml glass bottles with crown caps. We also make 3 litre pouches of our Medium still traditional cider.

Apple Juice

We use some of the apple juice we press each autumn to bottle as our delicious freshly pressed Vale Apple Juice. Early in the harvest season we bottle Discovery apple juice. In mid-harvest we bottle Cox’s apple juice and in late season we bottle Ashmead’s Kernel apple juice. Our juices are non-alcoholic, bursting with flavour and contain nutritious fruit fibre. We sell our juice in 750ml glass bottles with screw caps.

Apple Cider Vinegar

We use some of our traditional cider each year to ferment using the traditional Orleans method to make Vale Cider Vinegar. This is non-alcoholic, raw, unpasteurised and contains the “mother of vinegar” – this is the part of the vinegar that contains the bacteria that produced it and is highly sought after for those wanting to use the cider vinegar as a health tonic. We sell our cider vinegar in 330ml glass bottles with screw caps.

Freshly Picked Apples

In the autumn we sell some of our freshly picked apples to eat and use for cooking. Most of the apples we sell are traditional varieties that tend not to be sold in supermarkets because they are difficult to grow intensively and hard to keep for long periods. They do, however, taste delicious!

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