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Which month was this photo taken?

Quizzes and questions are a really great way to have fun, learn new things or check your own knowledge about a subject.

Can you do better at a quiz than your friend or family member?

We have put together some fun trivia quizzes about cider, apples and more – they are easy to do and we give answers at the end so, if you get any wrong, you can check the correct answer.

We also have a simple quiz where you can find out what sort of a cider drinker you are.

Just click on the link below to go the quiz you want to do – and when you finish, if you want to do more quizzes, just come back to this page.

Quiz 1: Cider Trivia Quiz (10 questions)

Quiz 2: Cider Trivia True or False Quiz (12 questions)

Quiz 3: Apple Trivia Quiz (10 questions)

Quiz 4: What Type of cider drinker are you? (9 questions)

Quiz 5: Christmas Trivia Quiz (10 questions)

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