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Cider Trivia Quiz from Vale Cider

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Tankard of Vale Cider

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Spoof picture of Queen drinking Vale Cider

Which Royal said "Everybody thinks I drink beer but actually I like cider!"?

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Irish Flag

The number one cider brand in Ireland is:

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Cloth with pressed fruit fibre after pressing

What is the name name for the dry fruit fibre that is left after apple pressing?

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Graph showing trends in cider consumption in UK

What has been the trend in cider consumption in the UK over the last 20 years?

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Cider label showing alcohol content

What is the highest alcohol level allowed for a cider in UK Law?

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Cider apples on a treee

Which of the following varieties of apple is a traditional cider apple?

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Vegan symbol

How many ciders are suitable for those on a Vegan diet?

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Cider and daffodils on St David's Day

What is the Welsh word for "cider"

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Map of UK

What proportion of the world's consumption of cider do we drink in the UK?


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Blackcurrants and bottles of blackcurrant cider

When did cider makers first start adding fruit (other than apples) to cider?