Apple Day

Apple Day is on 21 October each year and celebrates all things related to apples and apple products.  Apple Day was started in 1990 by Sue King and Angela Clifford, co-founders of the conservation charity Common Ground. The first Apple Day was held at London’s Covent Garden market and marked the return of fruit to … Read more

Pears Poached in Autumn Fruits Cider

I hate to waste those hard pears that get blown off the tree before they are completely ripe so I tried poaching them in Vale Autumn Fruits Cider and happily, it was delicious! Better by a country mile, than pears poached in red wine. It is easy to do and served with ice cream, crème … Read more

Welsh Rarebit with Cider and Leeks

Our family has always enjoyed Welsh Rarebit as a filling lunch or quick-to-make dinner.  Over the years, I have tried many different recipes for Welsh Rarebit but the family always want our special version, and they love it made with local produce from our Farmer’s Market. We have always added leeks (sometimes onion if we … Read more

Apple Juicing & Cider-making demo at St Fagans

We do a popular practical demonstration of apple juicing and cider-making each year at St Fagans Food Festival at the Kennixton Farmhouse (and previously at Stryd Lydan Barn), on the St Fagans Museum of Wales site. We work alongside the incredibly knowledgeable, Gareth Beech – a Senior Curator at the Museum of Wales who is … Read more

How do you tell if an Apple is Ripe?

As apples ripen the starches in the apple turn to the fruit sugars which are crucial for good flavours. Whether eating an apple, making juice or making cider, apples are best when at the peak of their ripeness – but before starting rot. It is important not to think apples are ready for picking just … Read more

Cider, Cyder, Craft Cider, Seidr, Scrumpy, Fruit Cider, Real Cider, Artisan Cider – what do they all mean?!

Many different words are used to describe types of cider. This can be confusing because they often overlap in meaning and are not used in the same way by everyone. In this article, we will explain what is usually meant by each word and why it is used. We will start with the most commonly … Read more

9 Great Cider Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

We have a range of great cider gifts that are perfect for any cider-loving Dad – whether he prefers Traditional or Fruit, Sweet or Dry, we have something for him at differing price points. A gift that shows you really care is one that is both personal and a bit different. Something that is not … Read more

How to Taste Cider

Taste is the most important quality of a cider.  If we want to compare and discuss ciders it is important to make a thorough tasting assessment. We will start by briefly considering what senses we use when tasting cider and then look at how to go about doing a tasting of several ciders. The senses we use … Read more

Cider Taste – The “Big Three” Flavours and the importance of Balance

Cider tastes very different to apple juice, although the flavour of cider does depend upon the types of apple variety used. Cider flavour also depends on the growing conditions and the cider-making methods.  The finest ciders have a depth and complexity of flavour that can rival the finest vintage wines. Perhaps surprisingly, the alcohol in … Read more

Benefits of buying online local craft cider delivered to your door

Online buying of local craft cider (cyder) with delivery to your door combines the advantages of buying traditional local farm ciders with the modern convenience of online shopping and home delivery to your door. Recent trends in shopping have seen a steady move away from the traditional high street shop and towards online shopping with … Read more