Ways to buy Vale Cider


The simplest way to buy Vale Cider is through our online shop. You can order and pay for the cider online and either collect from the farm or arrange for local delivery (available for selected postcodes within South Wales). This method combines the taste and environmental benefits of buying hand-crafted farm-made traditional ciders with the modern shopping convenience of online shopping with home delivery.

Customers being served at a Vale Cider stall
Serving customers at the Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival


We sell our cider at events, food festivals, local farmers’ markets and other events throughout the year – follow link to see where we go regularly. We post information about upcoming events on our facebook site. This way to buy our ciders, juices and vinegar is ideal if you are looking to browse and buy a variety of local produce and enjoy spending time at a rural event or food fair.

Vale Cider on shelves shop
Bottles of award-winning traditional Vale Ciders on sale in local shop


Our ciders are stocked in several premium local retail outlets. This is a convenient way to buy our cider if you prefer more traditional shopping.

If you are a business interested in stocking our products, please contact us to discuss.