Apple Pressing, juicing and Bottling

row of bottled apple juice with labels and capsules

If you would like your very own apple juice from your autumn apple crop we can help!

We can press your apples, bottle the juice and pasteurise it for you – and, if you would like, we can supply bespoke labels and bottle top capsules to to make your own juice stand out.

The pasteurised bottled juice has a shelf life of 12 months and there is nothing quite like having your very own pure apple juice.

How does it work?

bags of apples and bottles of juice

You bring us clean apples that are free from rot or insect damage.

We will rinse, scrat and press the apples to get the juice. We let the juice stand overnight for sediment to settle and then bottle in 750ml glass bottles with tamper resistant screw caps. We pasteurise the bottled juice to allow it to be kept for up to 12 months.

You can then collect – usually within one week of you delivering the apples to us.

We can provide Bespoke Labels

Apple juice bottle with bespoke label

For an additional charge we can label the bottles with your choice of wording and a monochrome (ie. black and white) image of your choice. Examples are shown in the image above.

Please email or telephone to discuss bespoke labels.

We can apply capsules to the bottle tops

row of bottled apple juice with labels and capsules

For an additional charge we can apply shrink capsules to the tops of each bottle. Capsules look good and they increase hygiene by preventing dirt or mould collecting around the cap. If you would like to give any bottles of your juice as a gift or use them when entertaining, bottles with bespoke labels and capsules are the perfect finishing touch for your juice.

Is there a minimum amount of apples I need to bring?

cider apple press

Yes. Our equipment needs to have at least 80kg of apples to make a pressing run feasible.

It can be difficult estimating how many apples you have and it is common for people to grossly overestimate – or underestimate – the amount!!

However, a good guide is to fill bags or other containers that you know the size of and use the guide below to estimate the total weight of apples you have.

Bags of various sizes showing weight of apples they contain

We are always happy to discuss the quantity of apples you have and advise just email or telephone.

Do the apples need to be ripe?

Discovery and Ashmead's Kernel apples

Yes. There is no point in making juice from apples that are not ripe – it will not taste good and will be a waste of your time and money.

For simple ways to tell if your apples are ripe just see our blog post guide and our Two Minute Video Guide.

See our web post “How do you tell if an Apple is Ripe?”

Watch our Two Minute Video Guide about checking apple ripeness.

We are always happy to give advice – just email us or telephone.

Do the apples need to be clean?

Apples in water trough

Yes. The apples need to be free from obvious surface mud or dirt when delivered to us. Apples picked off the tree are best but apples collected from the ground are fine as long as they are clean.

We will rinse them before pressing but will have to discard any apples that are muddy or contaminated with dirt.

What about Bruising, Rot and Surface Blemishes?

mixture of sound and rotting apples

Any signs of rot or insect penetration into the apple make the apple unsuitable.

However, surface blemishes and light bruising are not a problem for juicing apples.

Schematic showing what is and is not acceptable damage to apples used for juicing or cider-making

For more information Watch our Two Minute Guide.

Can any apple be made into juice?

Tom Putt apple and crab apple

Yes. However, the taste of the juice will depend upon the apple type and ripeness. If the apple tastes good when eaten then the resulting juice will be pleasant to drink. If the apple tastes very bitter or very sharp then so will the juice.

If you know the apple variety, we can advise about how good it will be for juice.

How much juice will I get from my apples?

apples in a bowl and bottle of apple juice

As a rough guide, you can expect that 1.5kg of apples will produce one 750ml bottle of juice.

The exact amount depends upon the apple variety, the growing conditions during the year and the ripeness at the time of pressing.

However, if you delivered 80kg of apples in good condition to us you can typically expect about 50-60 bottles of juice – but it could be as low as 45 bottles or as high as 70.

If you only want a certain number of bottles (such as 60), just let is know and we will only make the number you request.

To discuss – just email or telephone

How much do you charge?

We charge £1.80 per bottle (which includes VAT at 20%).

We can make and apply bespoke labels for an additional 20p per bottle.

We can apply shrink capsules to the bottle necks for an additional 11p per bottle.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you just press our apples and let us have the fresh juice?

Apple Pressing at Vale Cider

Yes. We can do this if you provide us with clean containers in which to put the juice.

However, freshly pressed apple juice will go off or ferment very quickly and should not be kept without either immediately drinking it, freezing it, pasteurising it or fermenting it for cider.

We can provide advice and prices – just email or telephone.

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