Pork and Apple in Cider with Dumplings

plate with pork, apple and cider with dumplings
Pork and apple in cider with dumplings – a recipe from Vale Cider

Pork, apple and cider go together perfectly. This delicious recipe is a hearty family favourite that is easy to make and very satisfying at the end of a day in the orchard – or, indeed, any day!


30 minutes . Cooking time 6 hours in a slow cooker.



900g cubed pork

400ml medium dry cider – we use our awarding winning Medium Dry Vale Cider

1tsp sage

2 eating apples peeled and cut up

3 carrots cut into chunks

1 onion finely diced


140g suet

280g Self Raising flour



1. Put all of the stew ingredients into a slow cooker.

2.Set the slow cooker on high and cover (or low set oven/Aga) for 6 hours.


1. Mix dumpling mixture with water until it clumps together without being too sticky to handle. 

2. Place dumpling mixture on top of the stew.

3. Cover and cook in the slow cooker for a further hour


Serve with green vegetables of your choice and a lovely glass of lightly chilled craft cider – from Vale Cider, of course! 

smiling woman holding cake
A recipe from Bridget, Vale Cider’s Family Foodie

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