Benefits of buying online local craft cider delivered to your door

Cider delivery
Local home delivery of craft cider ordered online

Online buying of local craft cider (cyder) with delivery to your door combines the advantages of buying traditional local farm ciders with the modern convenience of online shopping and home delivery to your door.

Image showing the move from high street to online shopping
The steady move from High Street to Online Shopping

Recent trends in shopping have seen a steady move away from the traditional high street shop and towards online shopping with home delivery. Advantages of online shopping for local craft cider include:

Convenience – Online shops are usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there is total flexibility and convenience in browsing their range of ciders and making purchases. Unlike going out to a traditional shop or market, you can shop in your pyjamas if you want to. There are no annoying crowds and no need to wait in a queue. This has particular appeal if for anyone with limited time to do shopping or who is unable to get to the shops or markets.

No driving and no parking – Online shopping with the cider delivered to your door saves on your use of petrol or diesel because it avoids the need to leave the house. It also means there is no hassle from having to find a parking place and no parking charge to pay. As well as reducing your household costs, it is more environmentally friendly.

panel image of gift sets from Vale Cider
Some of the craft cider gift sets available from Vale Cider

Ease of sending gifts – Online shopping for cider gift sets is a great way to send a present. By having the cider gift delivered directly to the door of the recipient there is less carbon footprint, more speed and it is much easier for the person sending the gift. It is a great way to buy a gift secretly – for example, an anniversary gift or present for birthday or Christmas. 

Online checkout
Buying online is more convenient than using cash

Ease of payment – Online shopping for cider makes paying particularly easy. There is no need to remember to take your wallet with you that has the right card or amount of cash. In addition, it avoids the need to handle money or card machines – which is an important consideration for anyone taking special precautions to avoid infection risks.

Bulk delivery of cider
Bulk delivery of cases of Vale Cider

Easy bulk buying – Online shopping makes a bulk cider purchase very convenient – buying a case of craft cider at a shop, farmers’ market, rural show or food festival is not usually particularly convenient because of the difficulty of carrying one or more cases of cider to your car. Online shopping with home delivery to your door avoids that problem and is a very cost-effective and convenient way of buying craft cider.

Of course, there are also some potential disadvantages to online shopping such as losing the ability for a face-to-face chat about the product or the ability to have a taster before buying. On the other hand, unlike traditional shopping, it is simple to look at online reviews and read information about the product and any awards it has won – this is a great help in providing information and confidence about the product. 

market stall cider tasting
Tasting opportunity at a local Farmers’ Market

The great thing about buying local farm cider online is that it is usually easy to find opportunities to sample tasters – either directly with the cider-maker or at local farmers’ markets, food festivals, rural shows or other events. It also means it is much easier to get personal recommendations from friends or family about the cider. Further, the cider-maker is usually very happy to answer questions and provide help with purchases if asked by email, telephone, Facebook, etc.

That brings us to the many advantages of buying a local craft cider rather than a widely-available mass-produced commercial brand. 

Tankard of Vale Cider
A tankard of lightly sparkling, cool Vale Cider

The most important benefits of local hand-crafted artisan cider made on a small scale relate to the excellence and uniqueness of taste and the close relationship of the cider to the local land and community – in other words, its provenance. Buying local is more sustainable, environmentally friendly, has a lower carbon footprint and helps to support the local rural economy. 

Orchard with wildflowers
Widflowers in one of the orchard margins at Vale Cider

Local delivery by the cider-maker of cider bought online, has several advantages over having cider delivered by a courier firm. 

Care in transport – The local cider maker knows how to transport their own products. They care about their cider and will ensure that it arrives in good condition, without breakages – an important issue with anything in a glass bottle. 

Home delivery driver
Friendly and knowledgable home delivery by a driver who is also a cidermaker

Knowledgeable delivery driver – It is possible to speak to the person delivering the cider. They will know about the product and can give advice, make recommendations and answer questions. 

Flexibility – A local cider-maker delivery is much more likely to flexible than a courier and is likely to contact you about each order to check when delivery is convenient for you. If you choose, you may be able to collect the cider from the farm – which gives you the opportunity to see the location where it is made.

home delivery of cider by van
Local home delivery of craft cider

All-in-all, buying local craft cider online and having it delivered locally by the cider-maker combines the many benefits of buying a traditional hand-crafted premium local farm cider with the modern convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

If you are looking for great tasting hand-crafted Welsh ciders made in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan, browse our Vale Cider online shop.

We deliver to addresses throughout the Vale of Glamorgan and immediately neighbouring area, including  the cities of Cardiff and Bridgend.

Delivery area map for Vale Cider
Local delivery area for Vale Cider. Postcodes shaded in light green are within the delivery area. Those in white and orange are outside the local delivery area.

On our family-farm we use heritage apples from our orchards to make our range of apple products including traditional ciders, fruit ciders (in season), mulled cider (in season), apple juices and apple cider vinegar. 

Range of cider products
Range of the products produced by Vale Cider

We are a Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Producer and have won multiple awards.

Logo of Great Taste Award Producer for Vale Cider
Great Taste Producer Logo for Vale Cider


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