Mulled Cider is a delicious, festive winter treat

Tankard of mulled cider

Mulled cider is a traditional British spiced alcoholic drink made by heating sweet cider with spices. It is usual to drink mulled cider warm and it is often the drink of choice during winter celebrations like Christmas, Yuletide, Halloween and at Wassails.

Mulled Cider has a long history

Mulled Cider has a long history in Britain where cider was much more readily available than wine. Thus, whereas, mulled wine was a popular winter drink in wine-making areas of the world, mulled cider was the traditional British winter celebration drink.

Perhaps the earliest established winter celebration involving mulled cider was Wassailing, a medieval Christmas-time English drinking ritual that was supposed to ensure a good cider apple harvest for the following year. Drinking mulled cider extended to the broader winter celebrations at Yuledtide.

Mulled cider with apples and autumn display

What is in Mulled Cider?

The key ingredients of mulled cider are (a) cider, (b) sugar or other sweetener such as apple juice or honey, and (c) spices. There are many different recipes for making mulled cider with widely varying suggestions for differing types of cider, differing amounts and types of sweetener and a wide variety of spices. Different individuals have differing preferences for the amount of sweetness and the types of and intensity of spices. 

The most common spices used are cinnamon sticks and cloves, but different recipes use a wide variety of other spices. The goal is to achieve a pleasing balance of flavours.

How long and how hot is the mulling?

As with ingredients, recipes vary in recommended mulling times and recommended mulling temperature. However, the key for the mulling is to have sufficient heat to allow the spices to flavour the cider without allowing any overheating which impairs the flavours of both the cider and spices. In extreme cases, such as boiling, the flavour will suffer and some spices can become bitter and unpleasant. The key principle is that longer mulling at lower temperatures is better than fast and hot.

You can combine and warm the ingredients in a pan on the hob, in a slow cooker or in an urn. 

Mulled cider warming a pan

Serving mulled cider

A well made mulled cider is delicious on its own but there are plenty of finishing touches that can add to the enjoyment. Slices of orange and apple make particularly good additions. 

How long will mulled cider keep?

Any mulled cider you do not drink you make it should be kept in a refrigerator and used within 3 days of being made. You should not keep it in a sealed bottle unless it is pasteurized because it will ferment and risk causing the bottle to explode.

A Lower Alcohol alternative to Mulled Wine – and it Tastes Better!

One of the differences between Mulled Cider and mulled wine is that it is lower in alcohol content which makes it an ideal greeting or appetizer drink at a party or meal where other drinks will be offered later. Another difference is that it is more traditionally British.

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Suitable for vegans and those following gluten-free diets.

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