Pears Poached in Autumn Fruits Cider

I hate to waste those hard pears that get blown off the tree before they are completely ripe so I tried poaching them in Vale Autumn Fruits Cider and happily, it was delicious! Better by a country mile, than pears poached in red wine. It is easy to do and served with ice cream, crème … Read more

Welsh Rarebit with Cider and Leeks

Our family has always enjoyed Welsh Rarebit as a filling lunch or quick-to-make dinner.  Over the years, I have tried many different recipes for Welsh Rarebit but the family always want our special version, and they love it made with local produce from our Farmer’s Market. We have always added leeks (sometimes onion if we … Read more

Apple Juicing & Cider-making demo at St Fagans

We do a popular practical demonstration of apple juicing and cider-making each year at St Fagans Food Festival at the Kennixton Farmhouse (and previously at Stryd Lydan Barn), on the St Fagans Museum of Wales site. We work alongside the incredibly knowledgeable, Gareth Beech – a Senior Curator at the Museum of Wales who is … Read more