Cider with food

Cider has a long history of use in cooking and as an accompaniment to food.

The basic principles that guide matching cider with food are the same as for other drinks like wine.

Cider is made from apples so whatever matches well with apples will also suit cider. If cider is used in the cooking, cider is the drink of choice with the dish.

Pork and cider is a perfect combination that is well known. Chicken goes well with cider, especially in a light, creamy sauce. It goes excellently with fish and shellfish and is superb with Indian and Chinese food. Mature cheeses, such as cheddar, are perfect combination with cider at any stage of a meal from appetiser, through ploughman’s lunch to cheese-board. And, of course, Vale Cider being Welsh goes superbly with craft Welsh cheeses.

Cider is extremely flexible. Some traditional ciders are rich in tannins like red wines, others are light and fruity like a crisp white wine, others are more similar to lager or ales.

Unlike wine, there are no supposed “rules” to worry about. And cider is lower in alcohol content and the sparkle refreshes the palate.

Local foods and local drinks are usually excellent partners. So why not try our craft Welsh Vale Cider with Glamorgan sausages, traditional Welsh cheeses or local Welsh lamb?